Sweet Home is a Japanese horror movie published in Toho based on January 21, 1989. Screen size is standard.


5 television interviewing team sneaks into the mansion where the fresco painter · Ichirō Mamiya 's work is left behind and they restored mural paintings, they discovered the fresco painting that seems to be a sequel from the wall and find out the circumstances . Although it is a party that steadily interviews, the strange phenomenon occurs one after another, and the producer Kazuo and the director Akiko abandon the interview and begin preparations to raise. But during that time, photographer Taro and reporter Asuka die down by a strange phenomenon. I knew that Akiko was interviewing at the palace house while working there at the petrol station, and an old man who rushed to the Miyajima rushed up and appeared to destroy the sanctuary told Kazuo I've been asking questions. In this palace once the wife of Mr. Ichiro Mamiya erroneously caused my child to die, after the accident caused the mental abnormality from the shock, kids are kicked one after another and killed, their own life There was a terrible incidents to break off. A sacrifice tower was made to quarantine the victims of the affair and the gods of Lady Mamiya, but by the incident Taro broke the sanctuary tower when entering the mansion, the spirit of Lady Mamiya woke up, It is said to have revived. Mamo Mami's evil hands eventually approached the surviving Kazuo, and Kazuo's daughter Emi was kidnapped by the wife's spirit. Kazuo and Akiko head for the rescue of Emi with the help of Yamamura Elderly.

Mr. Akiko who securely secured Emi 's body safely by the actions of the life of the Yamamura elderly, but Masami Mami' s Evil hands attacked without mercy, Emi was caught again before the escape from the mansion, Kazuo was in Akiko If I do not return, I will leave alone to escape, I will go back alone to the mansion. Akiko who was left alone and left at ease got up with energy to rescue Emi. Akiko who was single was wearing clothes of Emi's mother's memento to understand the feelings of her mother with a child to counter the powerful power of Lady Mamiya who was the mother who passed away, Lady Mamiya Mamiya Heading to the underground of the mansion hidden by Lady Mamiya single, with the coffin containing the body of the body in hand. After finding out Mamiya 's magical power, I found Emi being caught in the underground incinerator that became the origin of the tragedy, I remembered the "power of the heart" that Yamamura elderly taught, Lady Mamiya Momiya will show up burning I surmounted the illusion of flame and rescued Emi into splendor.

In the moment the joy fleeting, the demon goddess of Mamiya finally appeared before the two, turned into an ugly disguised appearance and attacked. When Akiko fell down in an unforgivable attack and it was driven to deathbath, Emi took notice of what he should do by looking at the coffin brought by Akiko, who took out the dead body of Lady Mamiya Mamiya who was placed in the coffin He served Lady Mamiya. Until that Lady Mamiya became grown up, it was released from all sufferings, ascended with the pleasure of regaining our lost child in hand.

Kazuo, who seemed to have disappeared, appeared before the two who had finally escaped but finally lost sorrow while losing Kazuo. It was protected from the evil spirit by the power of the amulet that the Yamamura old man entrusted, and it ran away for the life.

After the reunion is delighted, after the party left the mansion, the Mamiya House collapses by itself. It seems as if it was unleashed from long-lasting grudges and spells ....


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